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LarsenLearn: Clarity in a Complex World

Legislation often tends to be extraordinarily complex. Keeping up to speed with the direction and modifications of the law can be confusing and tedious.

It’s no wonder lawyers endure additional schooling for many years pursuing a specialized degree in order to practice law and keep up with continuing education.  

Members of the board of directors in a condo association or homeowners’ association will be tasked with comprehending and even enforcing some of the large, indecipherable run-on sentences that comprise our state statutes. 

In addition, law is never static; it is constantly changing and ever-evolving. You may finally wrap your head around a piece of legislation, only to have it altered to convey something different entirely. 

At Larsen, we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be trying to make sense of some of the legal guidelines that enforce our communities. 

That is why we developed LarsenLearn.  With LarsenLearn, we offer continuous education to board members and community association managers. 

This includes semi-annual workshops and seminars, DBPR-approved courses for CAM license credits, legal update courses, board certification courses and much more.

For more information about upcoming board certification courses click here!

We have carefully constructed brochures, memos, flowcharts and diagrammatic materials in order to assist your association. 

Furthermore, our community association attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and experience to direct your community on all legal matters.

Larsen is your clarity in a world of legislative complexity.

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