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Areas of Practice



We provide experienced bankruptcy representation for community associations.  We file proofs of claim with bankruptcy courts to assert the association’s claim for unpaid assessments.  We also obtain permission from the bankruptcy court to continue with assessment collection while the bankruptcy is pending (relief of stay), as well as object to bankruptcy repayment plans that do not include the association.  We charge a flat rate fee for each of these services.

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We are a leader in collecting delinquent assessments for homeowners’ associations and condominium associations. Our knowledgeable team is equipped to provide innovative debt collection methods that adhere to constant changes in the laws.  We simplify the collection process, educate you on your choices and offer multiple options.

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Covenant & Rule Enforcement


We recognize the importance of enforcing the covenants, rules, and regulations of your Community Association. We will assist with each step of the process with reviewing your community’s governing documents and providing recommendations in regards to the property in violation.

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Document Amendment

We have extensive experience in preparing governing documents for both homeowner and condominium associations. We assist in adapting your governing documents to fit your community association’s specific needs while complying with the Florida Statutes.

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Document Interpretation


Our community association attorneys are highly experienced in assisting homeowners’ associations and condominium associations with interpreting their covenants, restrictions, declarations, bylaws, and articles of incorporation.

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Legal Opinions


Our community association attorneys have extensive experience providing legal opinions to board members and community association managers. Our condo and HOA lawyers provide informative opinion letters regarding the challenges of day-to-day community association operations.​


Mortgage Foreclosure & Monitoring


We offer two types of mortgage foreclosure monitoring services. If an owner’s bank files a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit we can, at your request, file an answer on behalf of the community association and monitor the mortgage foreclosure until the case is dismissed or title is transferred to the bank or other owner. We charge a onetime fee for this service regardless of the length of the case. We also offer a more active mortgage monitoring service where we will not only file an answer but also conduct quarterly reviews of the case and offer recommendations if the case is not progressing. This service involves an initial flat rate fee for the answer and a small charge for each quarterly review.

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Additional Services


Annual Meetings & Elections, Contract Drafting & Dispute Resolution, Mediations, Arbitrations & Litigation, Board Developer Transition/Turnover, Corporate Governance, Condemnation, Eminent Domain

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