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The Larsen Slaten, PLLC Payoff System was developed to provide you with 24-hour access to submit and receive your payoff statements, for a property in any community we represent.


Please note that our office ONLY provides payoff statements that give the amount that is due to the Association at a given time. For detailed Estoppel information please contact the Association directly.


We do our best to tailor each payoff statement based on the specifications of the request. This means that for each request a member of our staff must confirm they have all the information from you, then contact our client and get the most up to date information pertaining to that particular property and put together the payoff statement. Furthermore, the data is constantly changing. Items such as covenant violations, and current figures for assessments, late charges, and interest are not static in nature. Not only does a lot of work go into providing a payoff statement, but the association also guarantees the information is accurate. For these reasons there is a fee charged for the service. So just as a mortgage company would charge for providing a payoff statement, an association charges for the work that goes into a payoff statement. This is also why each payoff statement is valid through a specific date that will be clearly indicated on the payoff statement.


Due to the high volume of payoff request we receive, and to allow time for our office to gather all the necessary information, please allow our office 10 business days to provide you with your payoff statement.

It is recommended to complete this form from a computer rather than a mobile device.

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