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About Us

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We are known for our innovations in the community association industry and for our unwavering commitment to our clients.

As an active participant in the community association, we understand the pressures and challenges our clients face and recognize the importance of transparency when working on all your legal matters.

We will never just tell you what you want to hear. Instead, we will analyze, we will educate, and we will guide you toward the best solution for your association.

At Larsen Slaten, the collective experience of our team working in an innovative and collaborative setting yields value-added benefits for our community association clients. 

Larsen Slaten is a firm that not only cares for its clients, but also for the communities we represent. The Larsen Slaten Team is compassionate about helping others and this dedication is present in all aspects of our services.

The History of Larsen Slaten

Since our beginning, Larsen Slaten has steadily built on a client focused foundation with the goal of delivering legal services of the highest quality while also remaining mindful of client costs.


From its inception, our Firm has delivered outstanding results for our clients by utilizing highly experienced attorneys, paralegals, and dedicated support staff.

We are constantly ahead of the curve; simplifying and enhancing your experience with our leading technology, innovative budgeting services, and advanced collections process that allows our clients to collect delinquent assessments absolutely free.

The Larsen Slaten Family

In addition to providing client-focused legal services, Larsen Slaten maintains a familial mentality in regard to our firm's practices.

Our clients are not just numbers, but rather peers, colleagues, friends, and family. Our staff is a tightly-knit group, working very closely with one another. Furthermore, many of our staff are actually legally and biologically related; adding an extra dimension of personal touch to everything we do.

Our firm is effectively a family-run business and we observe all of the virtues you'd expect from family.

You can count on us to be there for you and your association when you need us.

Community Association Representation

We provide Florida with the highest standards of legal services focused solely on representing community associations.


From document interpretation and amendments, covenant enforcement, delinquent assessment collections, mediation and dispute resolution, and even the educational empowerment of our clients via our LarsenLearn brand, our experienced and dedicated team allows us to provide an exceptional and complete array of community association legal services to our community association clients.

Our goal is to provide unsurpassed legal services in an efficient and economical approach that is mindful of your goal to control costs.


Prime - The Future of Association Law

Prime is the most innovative, efficient, cost-effective solution to association law budgeting. With Prime, we are changing the approach and expenses that community associations take towards handling their legal needs.

Prime simplifies the billing process, shifts the financial risk of pursuing legal action to enforce covenants and restrictions from the association to our firm and paves the way for real solutions that help communities become all that was envisioned when they were developed.

With Prime your association will:

  • Say goodbye to confusing attorney billing invoices

  • Remove ambiguous billing scenarios

  • Eliminate all fears of calling your attorney for advice you really need

  • Pursue delinquent assessments and enforce covenants without typical, mounting attorney fees

  • Enjoy a premium 25-30% discounted hourly billable rate for anything that needs to be done outside of Prime package selected by your association

  • Know...AND your legal budget

Find out which Prime package would best suit your association


LarsenLink - Connecting You to Your Cases


With so many directions an association legal matter can take, keeping up to speed on all of it and staying current can be both tedious and confusing. 


Our online case management system, LarsenLink, was designed to make this process simpler for our clients by providing a platform to centralize all information pertaining to one given matter under a single umbrella.


LarsenLink provides a forum for more efficient, effective, and customizable operation work flows. Through LarsenLink, you can stay up-to-date on the progress of your cases and have convenient access to status reports for all cases as well as in-depth information for each matter.


  • 24/7 access to your Covenant Violation and Collection files through our online case management system

  • Convenience of viewing and printing status reports, and setting up auto-generated subscriptions

  • Ability to track payments received, case filings, court hearings and trial dates

  • Exclusive access to Firm memos, announcements, and workshop materials

  • FREE training upon request

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