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With so many directions an association legal matter can take, keeping up to speed on all of it can be tedious and confusing.


Our online case management system, LarsenLink, was designed to make this process simpler for our clients by providing a platform to centralize all information pertaining to one given matter under a single umbrella.


LarsenLink provides a forum for more efficient, effective, and customizable operation work flows. Through LarsenLink, you can stay up-to-date on the progress of your cases and have convenient access to status reports for all cases as well as in-depth information for each matter.

Justice Scale

is known for its

innovations in the community association industry and for our unwavering commitment to our clients.

We understand the pressures and challenges our clients face and recognize the importance of transparency when working on all your legal matters.

Exclusively Associations

We provide Florida with the highest standard of Community Association Legal Representation. From our inception, we have continually delivered results for our clients by utilizing the expertise of our highly experienced condo and HOA attorneys, paralegals, and dedicated support staff. Our law firm has extensive experience in providing various services for community associations, including document interpretation and amendment, covenant and rule enforcement, collections of unpaid assessments, and many more. We are constantly simplifying and enhancing the experience with Community Association Law through our leading technology and innovative procedures. If your homeowner or condo association is in need of legal representation, then look no further.

  • What is a community association?
    A community association is a nongovernmental association of participating members of a community, i.e. neighborhood, village, HOA, condominium, cooperative, or group of homeowners. The community association is typically a non-profit corporation with various amenities that enforces rules and regulations within the community.
  • What do community association lawyers do?
    We represent homeowners' associations and condominium associations with all legal matters relating to their community association. We assist communities with enforcing the Declaration, Bylaws, Covenants and Restrictions, as well as providing a wide variety of additional legal services to HOAs and condo associations. Some of our services include collections of delinquent assessments, legal opinions, mortgage foreclosure and monitoring, and more.
  • Why buy property within a community association?
    A vast majority of people choose to purchase into an HOA or condo association for the appeal of uniformity. Community associations often have appearance standards and guidelines that can help to maintain property values.
  • What is an assessment?
    Homeowner associations can compel homeowners to pay a share of common expenses, usually per-unit or based on square footage. These expenses generally arise from common property, which varies dramatically depending on the type of association. Some community associations are, quite literally, towns, complete with private roads, services, utilities, amenities, community buildings, pools, and even schools. Many condominium associations consider the roofs and exteriors of the structures as the responsibility of the association. Other associations have no common property, but may charge for services or other matters.


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