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Proxies, Quorums, and Boards. Oh my!

If you've worked with, on, or around any kind of community association, chances are you've heard one or two (or more) of these unique words. We're here to help you navigate this terminology.

What is a Board of Directors?

​(This one should be easy to start)

In relation to an HOA, Community or other formal organization, a director is an officer charged with the conduct and management of its affairs. The directors collectively are referred to as a board of directors, and are generally elected or appointed. Sometimes the board will appoint one of its members to be the chair, making this person the President of the Board of Directors or Chairman.

What is a 'Proxy'?

A proxy is an individual appointed to act or vote on behalf of another person by representing them at a meeting of the association. The title can also refer to the written piece of paper granting that power.

What is a 'Quorum'?

A Quorum is defined as the minimum number of owners required to hold an official meeting of the association. The number of owners required can vary greatly according to the corresponding association’s governing documents.

What is a 'Recuse'?

​The act of initiating a Recuse involves the temporary removal of an association member or board member, or the act of disallowing his or her participation in a particular vote or proceeding.


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