New to the Board? Here's the Best Way to Get Your Certification!

It’s that time of year again, when change is in the air.  Flowers are blooming, baby ducks strut along the banks of ponds, board members are being elected and reinstated, and influence in the community is shifting hands. 

If you have been elected to serve on the board in your association, then congratulations are in order.  Holding a position on the board of directors can be a challenging and rewarding duty. 

Condo associations and homeowners’ associations are largely responsible for well-run, beautifully maintained communities and the members of the board are often proud contributors to the well-being of the neighborhood. 

New board members can bring fresh perspectives to persistent issues within the community and help dust off some of the old cobwebs that have developed as a result of tradition and routine. 

Within 90 days of being appointed to the board, a new member must become certified by a Division-Approved education provider.

In an effort to assist as many associations as possible with this requirement, Larsen will be regularly holding in-house board certification courses at our downtown Orlando office.  

Our courses are taught by highly experienced community association attorneys who are equipped with the knowledge to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your role as a board member.

Choosing Larsen for your board certification will equip your board members with powerful information in order to help them lead their association with excellence. 

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