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Break up with Bad Collections - Here's a Process to Love

In a perfect world, residents of deed-restricted communities are courteous of their neighbors, passionate about their association and pay their assessments routinely; understanding that the money they contribute benefits the community as a whole. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and the simple fact is some unit owners will be delinquent in paying their dues.

Owners that are delinquent in paying assessments place undue stress and financial pressure upon a community association. This strain is felt not only by the board, but can affect all owners within the community. General upkeep and maintenance of common areas may fall by the wayside as the board of directors struggle to uphold their budgetary restrictions.

In order to obtain the money owed from unit owners, community associations often have no choice but to explore legal channels in the form of collections and for a board that is already facing financial strain, attorneys’ fees can add another world of unnecessary hardship.

As innovators in our field, we recognize the concerns when attempting to collect delinquent assessments and we realize that community associations in need of collection services are often hindered by budget concerns.

Our collections process is something to love...

  • Our collection process incurs no charges to our clients in the retrieval of unpaid assessments*

  • We enable delinquent homeowners to make payments by credit card through our website at no additional cost to your association OR to the homeowner

  • We are dedicated to formulating the best strategies for your association

  • We are prepared to meet with you to develop a strong and practical plan of action

Under Florida law, a delinquent homeowner is responsible for payment of the attorneys’ fees and costs.

We defer billing the association for collections cases. The fees associated with collecting unpaid homeowner dues are first charged to the delinquent owner, not to your association; eliminating the risk and stress of collecting.

We are dedicated to formulating the best strategies for your association - we will meet with you personally to create an ideal plan of action. Furthermore, we enable delinquent homeowners to make payments by credit card at no additional cost to your association or the homeowner, keeping things simple and convenient for everyone.

At Larsen Slaten, our collections process is more than just innovative, it’s revolutionary!

*Exceptions may apply. Please contact us for more details.

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